Dec 17, 2021

2 min read

Capitalize on SOLX rewards in 3 Simple Steps

Dear Soldex community,

SOLX staking is finally here and live!

Use your SOLX with USDC to earn Serum order book powered Atrix trading fees and of course additional SOLX rewards! And who knows, maybe you will be eligible for hefty Atrix airdrop as well.

Before beginning make sure to have at least 0.02 SOL in your wallet since you will have to pay approximately 0.003 SOL for every first swap, deposit and stake. After that Atrix offers close to feeless experience.

Start at:

1. Connect your wallet, enter desired amount in either token, press Approve and Deposit!

2. Press on ALP Balance in red to Stake the maximum amount.

3. Track your real time increasing SOLX bag and Restake for maximum gains!

Good luck trading $SOLX!

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