From v0.1.2 to v0.4.1- Our Recent Updates


On May 6, we released v01.2 to the DEX Devnet.


  • We fixed interactions with Smart Contract (fees calculation)
  • We extended the Swap route: Swap could be reached with predefined tokens.

POOLS page

  • We sorted the dropdown for mobile view
  • We fixed the layout for pool details for tablet / mobile
  • We optimized sort, search, and filtering.
  • We added deposit and withdraw interactions with Smart Contract
  • We fixed interactions with Smart Contract ( both for fees calculation and added wrapped tokens)
  • We added alerts for the transaction state.
  • We also added data refresh by button and auto data refresh


Although invisible as of then, we added the following features to the Farm Page

  • show staked filters
  • rewards UI interactions
  • sort and filtering functionality

Some of the known issues of this version

On the SWAP page, the button was available when SOL balance was too small to make any transaction

  • The withdraw slider had incorrect behavior when a small balance was presented (2% could be shown as 0 LP tokens because it rounded).
  • The withdraw slider was not clickable.
  • The deposit / withdraw buttons were available when SOL balance was too small to make any transaction.
  • The column volume and APR data weren’t related to the pool info.


On June 11, we released v0.3.2.

  • Developed and released caching server
  • Integrated frontend Pools with caching server to retrieve pools statistics information (volumes, liquidity, APR). This particular update resulted in much better performance.
  • Improved Coingecko integration, leading to more speed and fewer resources.
  • The SWAP page didn’t show additional info by default. Additional info was expanded by clicking on the button.


On June 22, we released v0.3.3 with the following updates:


  • ‘Yearly APR%’ renamed to ‘APR.’
  • ‘Total Liquidity’ was renamed to ‘Liquidity.’
  • Numbers were formatted to 100,000.00 format


  • SWAP Rate info was updated.
  • The Amount of FROM tokens was not changed when tokens switched their places. ‘TO’ amount was recalculated automatically.
  • Token balance for ‘FROM’ was clickable and had the same behavior as the ‘MAX’ button.
  • UI features such as font size, paddings, etc. were changed.
  • Fixed SWAP logic for tokens that were in our pools and were in Jupiter in some tokens.
  • Disabled SWAP for our pools if price impact was more than 10%.
  • Showed price impact warning notification for all types of swap.
  • Allowed choosing the amount of the first token if tokens were not selected.

General updates

  • We added tx status pop-ups for different operations deposits and withdrawals
  • We fixed some bugs and performance issues

Additional update

On June 29, we added the following additional updates:

  • We released Performance updates of the cache server to Soldex Mainnet
  • We also fixed the delayed load of coins prices and pool data (TVL, Volume, etc.)


Our most recent update, v0.4.1, was released to the Mainnet on July 8



  • Fixed paddings for opened/closed pool info
  • Added ‘No routes found’ message if there are no routes for the selected token pair
  • SOL label only shows when SOL token is selected
  • ‘We recommend having at least 0,05 SOL for any transaction’ shows only for selected SOL token
  • Fixed maximum SOL amount calculation in some cases


  • Fixed table header in tablet and mobile screens
  • Fixed APR column info for mobile screens

About Soldex

Soldex is the fastest, easiest, and most user-friendly third-generation DEX being built on Solana.



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