Soldex Announces TrustPad As The Second Launchpad For SOLX IDO

Soldex has announced today its partnership with TrustPad for the upcoming launch of its IDO. TrustPad will mark it as the second launchpad after the announcement of Synapse.Network.

TrustPad allows users to participate in IDOs by staking TPAD and registering interest in the IDO, usually one day before the launch date. Soldex IDO is scheduled to start on the 8th of December 2021.

IDO Information Highlights

Date: 8 December 2021

Tokens Offered: 4,166,666 SOLX

Allocation: 0.8% (From Total Supply)

Price per Token: $0.12

Target (Raise): 500,400 USDC

About TrustPad

TrustPad is a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform that guarantees the safety of early investors while raising funds. Customers can buy and sell DeFi encrypted tokens on the company’s platform, enabling them to increase liquidity securely.

IDO Participation Process

  1. Go to the “IDO Staking” page.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Stake enough $TPAD to get one of the levels. You can see the required amount to stake in the list of levels.
  4. Register for Soldex IDO When the IDO registration period starts (usually 24h before the IDO start), you need to open the Pools page and click the “Register” button on an IDO pool card.

About Soldex

By acting as the primary layer of settlement, market making, custody, and liquidity, the platform will encourage the next wave of flexible financial markets. Future market makers will have their algorithms. Users will be able to customize their trading strategy and risk exposure while controlling their funds. In addition to exchanges, companies such as over-the-counter trading desks and market makers can also simplify complex settlement procedures that often require slow and error-prone manual operations without losing assets.

Find out more about Soldex’s features, advantages, and benefits by visiting the website and checking out the whitepaper.



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