Soldex Continues to Attract Top Executive Talent

Dear Soldex Community, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of our new General Manager, Max Yampolsky.

This is a huge win for Soldex as Max brings a wealth of experience. Max brings to the table a proven track record and more than 8 years of experience building and marketing digital products. In addition, Max also runs a company that is implementing AI trading in the crypto market, which will bring significant strategic synergies and value for Soldex further development and ensure mass adoption of the DEX by making it attractive to retail investors.

In other good news, DEX development has started with Speqto Technologies as key technology partner and Max will be using his extensive experience of managing IT projects to ensure they work in lockstep with the Soldex in-house as well as outsourced development team.

I am thankful to John Robertson for what has been achieved so far, and after a smooth and professional handover and is excited to lead the project now. — Max Yampolsky.

John is taking a step back from the operational side of things and will remain a mentor to Max and the leadership team.

Max will be present in:

Lisbon Blockchain Week (Oct 18–24)

Web Summit (Nov 1–4)

And excitingly Solana Breakpoint (Nov 7–10)

For technology partners, VCs and funds that will be in Lisbon at these conferences please reach out to us on or contact our Admin team to pass on the message.

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