Soldex is forming a joint venture with Solana DeFi project Alfprotocol

Alfprotocol — Solana native DeFi protocol has announced it is forming a joint venture with the Solana decentralized exchange (DEX) Soldex. This is aligned with the Alfprotocol vision and mission to become a one-stop-shop (or as they put it on their website “homepage”) for DeFi on the Solana blockchain.

Alfprotocol is a complex platform providing leveraged liquidity and yields to traders and investors from different risk categories. Having one of the leading Solana DEXs in-house provides the perfect infrastructure to scale their business and the perfect sandbox for robust testing and auditing before rolling out new features. The two projects are beneficial to each other from the tech perspective and Soldex DEX and Farming with Double Rewards is a comprehensive technology to enhance the Alfprotocol DeFi ecosystem.

Alfprotocol CEO Matt Sauciunas commented “ we are thrilled to announce that these two cutting edge DeFi projects are joining forces and Soldex becomes a part of the Alfprotocol family.”

Soldex General Manager Iaroslav Osipov explained that “in practical terms, Alfprotocol is merging with Soldex, but in this case a joint venture would be a better term to use than merger as we will work as equal partners and leverage the tremendous synergies this partnership presents”.

The process to integrate the technology , team and business has already begun. The internal teams have joined and thus there are now increased efforts for further development and stronger efforts to promote the whole platform including access to additional capital, access to more liquidity, more security since Alfprotocol team has already launched complex yet secure products, access to more DeFi users and a wider network of connections. The two CEOs have stated that it’s all hands on deck and heads down working hard throughout the bear market with the promise of many exciting updates to come over the weeks and months ahead.

About Alfprotocol:

Alfprotocol is a protocol for capital deployment on Solana for the purposes of liquidity provision and yield farming, both with and without leverage.

About Soldex:

Soldex is the fastest, easiest, and most user-friendly third-generation DEX being built on Solana.

Soldex is resolving the issues faced by order-matching centralized exchanges and trustless custody within current decentralized exchanges.

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