Soldex June Report — HackerHouse, Partnerships, Open-source Smart Contracts and More!

Hello Soldex community,

There have been many negatives and few positives in the crypto market during the last couple of months.

But it has all been positive for us; we are fully functional and intend to keep building even during the bear market.

We made some significant strides in June. Let’s take a look at how well we did.

Our team of developers chewed glass at Hacker House Barcelona!

Our developer team was present at the Solana Hacker House event in Barcelona from Wed, 22nd June 2022, to Sun, 26th June 2022.

Over there, we built and connected with other great builders in the Solana ecosystem.

We also enjoyed the following perks:

  • Informative educational programming around DeFi and NFTs.
  • Plenty of time to work on their project and connect with new people.
  • Advice and support from core Solana Labs engineers, plus a demo day, in the end, to compete for local grants.
  • Exclusive evening events that are open to all participants.

Here’s what one of our developers has to say:

‘It’s amazing connecting with so many incredible builders in one space. There’s so much to build and ship, but that’s why we’re here. To build and ship! This place is filled to the brim with many creative minds eager to build the future. We’re also shedding light on Soldex and what we’re building, and there have been lots of interest! We got everything we need: workstation, power, food, swag, WiFi, etc. Thanks to Solana for organizing this event.’

Read more here.

Partnership with Zebec Protocol

We secured a partnership with Zebec, ensuring they provide top-class security via treasury management. We will start using Zebec’s MultiSig treasury management solutions, which will help add security to our treasury.

We will also be one of the first DEXs featured in Zebec’s newest venture ZAApps–a fully functional one-stop app store for DeFi projects on Solana. This will allow Zebec users to access Soldex at any time, increasing Soldex’s usage.

Read more here.

Our smart contract is now open-source!

On 30th June, we made our smart contract open-source and transparent.

By making our smart contracts open-source, anyone can now view the code that powers Soldex. We believe this crucial step will strengthen Soldex and enable us to work more openly with our community to build a stronger codebase.

We also believe that open-source contracts are important ingredients in Web3.

Additional announcement on this is coming soon!

We welcomed a new member to the team

We continued to attract top talent this month as we welcomed Edvin Jarosevic. Edvin has joined Soldex as Senior Smart Contract Developer.

Read more about Edvin here.

We were featured on several popular DeFi media channels

The launching of our Swap and Pools mainnet caught media attention and was published on two different media channels, CoinQuora and

Read the articles here and here.

We released versions v0.3.2 and v0.3.3

On our latest version, we fixed some bugs and performance issues, ensuring that our app performs 100%.

Check out our latest update here:

Then let us know your feedback here:

We released the performance updates of the cache server to the Soldex Mainnet.

This latest update was released to increase performance and fix delayed load of coins prices and pool data (TVL, Volume, etc.)

We encourage you to check out the mainnet and submit bug/feedback requests.

You can do that here:

Thank You

We’ll achieve nothing without you. We understand the power of community in the DeFi space, so we encourage you to support us by:

  • Using the Soldex mainnet
  • Hodling and staking SOLX
  • Talking to your friends and family about the Soldex project
  • Promoting the protocol once the Yield Farming functionality is live
  • Being an active community member

About Soldex

Soldex is the fastest, easiest, and most user-friendly third-generation DEX being built on Solana.

Working on all market conditions, 24/7, with emotionless machine-learning and neural network algorithms, Soldex is the next step in DeFi evolution.

Soldex will resolve the issues faced by order-matching centralized exchanges and trustless custody within current decentralized exchanges.

For more information on Soldex, please visit our website. You can also follow us on Twitter, Telegram, or Medium.



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