Soldex Monthly Report: July 2022

Hello, Soldex community,

We hope you had a beautiful July.

We kept building and making strategic plans without minding the market state this month.

Here is a summary of some of our significant achievements:

Our Smart-contract is now fully Open-source

We made our smart contract fully open-source to keep true to our commitment to transparency and inclusiveness.

Making smart contracts open-source and transparent allows anyone to view the code that powers Soldex. We believe this crucial step will strengthen Soldex and enable us to work more openly with our community to build a stronger codebase.

Check out our smart contracts here:

We released version 0.4.1

We released our most recent update, v0.4.1, on July 8.

On v0.4.1, we ensured that our app performs 100% by adding some additional features like:

  • Fixing transaction status pop-up sizes
  • Adding ‘Swap’ title for the main screen
  • Adding pop-ups for ‘In Progress’ transaction states
  • Fixing table header in tablet and mobile screens
  • Fixing APR column info for mobile screens

We also added:

Check out our latest update here:

We appreciate all bug/feedback requests. If there are any, please submit them here:

Additional concerns

We also addressed some vital community questions like:

  • Listing on other exchanges
  • Our Roadmap
  • Release of our farming feature
  • Tokenomics
  • Bugs
  • Marketing
  • Bots
  • Launchpads
  • AMA with the community, etc.

To read more about these, please visit:

What next?

Presently, our developers are focused on building the Farming feature with Duals. They are almost finished with the last task and will publish the link to Devnet farming next week.

Some other goals we’re focusing on include:

  • Cross-marketing with other projects
  • Updating our app to ensure optimum performance
  • Securing strategic partnerships with other projects

Thank You

We’ll achieve nothing without you. We understand the power of community in the DeFi space, so we encourage you to support us by:

  • Using the Soldex mainnet
  • Hodling and staking SOLX
  • Talking to your friends and family about the Soldex project
  • Promoting the protocol once the Yield Farming functionality is live
  • Being an active community member

About Soldex

Soldex is the fastest, easiest, and most user-friendly third-generation DEX being built on Solana.

Working on all market conditions, 24/7, with emotionless machine-learning and neural network algorithms, Soldex is the next step in DeFi evolution.

Soldex will resolve the issues faced by order-matching centralized exchanges and trustless custody within current decentralized exchanges.

For more information on Soldex, please visit our website. You can also follow us on Twitter, Telegram, or Medium.



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