Soldex Partners Up with Zebec Protocol

Zebec has officially announced a partnership with Soldex — a decentralized, scalable, and permissionless exchange on Solana. Zebec is looking forward to providing top-class security via treasury management. Soldex will start using Zebec its MultiSig treasury management solutions, helping add security to Soldex’s treasury.

Moreover, Soldex will shortly be one of the first DEXs featured in Zebec’s newest venture ZAApps–a fully functional one-stop app store for DeFi projects on Solana. This will allow Zebec users to access Soldex at any time, increasing Soldex’s usage as well.

Soldex is extremely grateful to the Zebec team for considering us for an amazing partnership. We have been chosen by Zebec due to some of the features that help us stand out. We are also excited to enable the yield farming functionality with Duals for Zebec in a near future.

About Soldex

Soldex is a state-of-the-art hybrid crypto exchange protocol on Solana. Governed by the DeFi community, Soldex provides trade perpetual on any pairing, their governance ensuring only the best trading pairs available and only the safest oracles are used. Soldex is also building one of the strongest DeFi communities via Soldex Academy which aims to provide educational resources to help new DeFi users.

About Zebec

Zebec is a continuous settlement protocol on Solana. Zebec is enabling the composable transfer of value starting with Zebec Payroll. Zebec is a revolutionary DeFi technology that empowers real-time, frictionless, and continuous streams of payments. The automatic money streams made possible through initial project, Zebec Pay allow businesses, employees, and consumers to completely reimagine how they are paid, how they invest, and how they buy products or services. In addition, Zebec Safe, is a fully customizable multi-sig on Solana.

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