Soldex Smart Contracts Are Now Open-Source!

Why is it important to make our Smart contract open source?


A high level of accountability is involved once a smart contract becomes open-source. This is because the truth is in the code, and everyone can see it.

Trust and transparency

Trust and transparency are some of the core values at Soldex. We’re showing you our hand by open-sourcing our smart contracts.

Developers can contribute to our code

By making our smart contracts transparent, developers can contribute to and build on top of Soldex. This will even make us more resilient.

You can report any vulnerability

We are focused on building a community-driven project, so we are always open to your input and contributions. Making our smart contracts open and visible to all will enable you to view them, make important contributions, or even report any vulnerability.

About Soldex

Soldex is the fastest, easiest, and most user-friendly third-generation DEX being built on Solana.



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